Clarendon Park Primary School is proud to have a vibrant and active Music Department with a wonderful reputation in and around the city. The Music Department consists of three main aspects of music education: individual/group instrumental lessons, theory lessons, and ensemble. The instrument tuition forms the backbone of the music department that not only feeds into the ensembles, but also teaches valuable musical skill, and thereby develops our future musicians.




Group recorder lessons are the only instruments offered internally in Grades 2 and 3. The recorder forms a very good basis for all musical instruments as the pupil learns to read music and play in a group early on in their tuition. While learning the recorder is not compulsory for learning an instrument later on, it provides an excellent foundation for music learning and makes adapting to music lessons easier. Group recorder lessons also allow a greater number of pupils to participate in the music programme in the younger grades.

Instruments offered from Grade 4 onwards include the following:

  • Woodwind instruments: flute, clarinet, and saxophone;
  • Brass: trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, and tuba;
  • Piano;
  • Guitar;
  • Drums and Percussion.

The Woodwind and Brass instruments are available to hire from the school or can be purchased at music shops around the city. Piano players must have a piano or a weighted keyboard at home in order to practise. Drum players must have their own drumsticks, a practice pad, and a metronome. Clarendon Park does not offer string instruments such as the violin and cello. Anyone wishing to take a string instrument is welcome to discuss recommended string teachers in the city.


Music Staff

  • Miss T Mintoor (Head of Music): Flute and piano, Conductor of the Junior and Senior Choir
  • Mr. B de Lange: Lower brass and piano, Junior and Senior Choir accompanist, Conductor of the Beginner Band
  • Mr. C Rix: Higher brass and theory. Conductor of the Senior Band and the Jazz Band
  • Miss A. Morris: Saxophone, Conductor of the Junior Band
  • Miss Z. Muller: Clarinet
  • Miss K van Eyssen: Guitar
  • Mr. W Paulson: Drums and Percussion



In Grades 4-7, pupils need to attend two music lessons per week; one practical and one theory class. It is compulsory for all music pupils to attend both classes every week. Grade 2 and 3 music pupils (recorders)  attend one practical lesson per week.

While music is a fantastic skill to have, and a lot of fun to participate in, it is a very serious commitment. Leaving class to attend lessons and catching up any academic work missed is essential, and practising at home on a regular basis is compulsory.


Music Pupil Selection Procedure

Recorder pupils who have shown musical ability, commitment and potential in their final Music Assessment in their Grade 3 year are able to choose a music instrument in their Grade 4 year.

Pupils who are already in the music programme continue automatically from year to year (unless serious concerns are raised by the music teacher).

Grade 4 pupils who did not take recorder in Grade 3, and who would like to be considered for a position in the school’s music programme, may apply to complete a musicality assessment. Whilst previous music lessons would be advantageous, they are not compulsory. Please note that space is extremely limited in terms of places available. If a Grade 4 pupil who did not take recorder in Grade 3 would like to apply for a position in the music programme, please email Ms. Mintoor at by Monday, 29 January.  Any pupil not accepted into the music program can contact Ms. Mintoor to inquire about information regarding private lessons, if needed.

It is important to note that there is a limited capacity for the number of new music pupils that can be accommodated each year. The Music Department makes every effort to invite as many pupils as possible to take music, however, the numbers are dictated by teaching and physical resources.

Private lessons are also available with the music teachers after hours, dependant on the teacher’s availability. A private music lesson may not take place during school hours. If a private pupil plays a band instrument, shows the necessary interest, and is at the required level, he or she may apply to join an ensemble. If a parent is interested in private lessons, they are welcome to liaise with the instrument teacher.

In 2024, the music fees are R 1000 per year (Grade 4-7), and R825 per year (recorder in Grade 2 and 3). These fees are payable on an annual basis and must be paid by  29 February 2024.  Instrument hire is R175-00 per month for ten months.

The music teachers at Clarendon Park are passionate about music education and the development of our musicians. The teachers strive to provide a solid foundation and instil a love for music that our pupils will take with them into their future.

“Clarries is cool because it allows pupils to learn but at the same time have fun”