The purpose of the computer lab is to provide instructions and resources that enhance and support the academic program of the learners at Clarendon Park.

Learners in the Foundation Phase visit the Junior Computer Lab for one lesson a week. Pupils are introduced to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, where basic computational skills are learnt. The main learning and teaching support materials used are ‘Computers 4 Kids’ for computer literacy, and ‘CAMI’ for Maths and literacy. A variety of activities that tie in with classroom themes are also enjoyed during the course of these lessons.

Learners in the Intermediate and Senior Phase visit the Senior Computer Lab for an hour a week. The ‘Computers 4 Kids’ curriculum is the medium of learning. Keyboarding, Computer Application Skills, Cyber safety and research skills are also taught during these lessons. Class teachers work closely with the computer teacher when research is needed in a learning area in the classroom. This collaborative approach is very beneficial to pupils when completing assignments.

The Senior Computer Lab is open on a Monday and Thursday afternoon (14h05-15h00) for learners to conduct research for school projects. The lab is also open every day during first break for Grade 7 pupils, and second break for all Grade 4 to 7 pupils. The Grade 7 Computer Monitors provide assistance to pupils when the need arises.

“It is the bestest school in the whole world” (Grade 1)