Technology Club


The Technology Club is a recent addition to our extra-mural timetable, and is offered from Grades 4 to 7. There are three separate groups:

  • Beginner (Grade 4 and 5)
  • Intermediate (Grade 5 and 6)
  • Advanced (Grade 6 and 7)

The aim of the club is to expose our pupils to computational thinking, as well as various aspects of Coding and Robotics. 

In the Beginner group, pupils are taught to solve various situational challenges. They are guided and encouraged to be creative in their ideas and problem solving and space is created for them to work in a collaborative environment. In addition, an introduction to coding (both unplugged and on the computer) is provided. The pupil’s 3D design skills are put to the test with the use of Lego, Brain Flakes and an online programme called Tinkercad, which is connected to the school’s 3D printer.

The Intermediate group learns to code on a BBC Micro:Bit. The Micro:Bit is a pocket sized device that the pupils can programme.  They are also taught to programme Move:Motor cars using the code from the Micro:bits. The basics of electronics are also covered.

The Advanced group uses their accumulated knowledge with 3D design, coding and robotics. Mini robots, that are controlled by motors and our Micro:bits, are created and investigated.


“The school brings joy into my life”