Beginner musicians begin in the Beginner Band. Once they have completed two terms in the Beginner Band, they will join the Junior Band. Pupils will remain in the Junior Band until the start of their Grade 6 year, whereafter  they will join the Senior Band. The Senior Band will therefore consist of only Grade 6 and 7’s.

This above approach ensures that there is far greater opportunity for individual attention in the various ensembles. The Senior Band will be free to play more challenging pieces, while the Junior Band will be allowed to prepare the pupils in a gradual way for the Senior Band, thus boosting their confidence, and playing ability.

Both the Junior and Senior Band will have rehearsals at the same time: the Juniors in the Mini hall and the Seniors in the Pavilion.

The Jazz Band consists of Grade 5, 6 and 7 pupils.

Our bands are actively involved in a number of performances throughout the year, including:

  • Clarendon Park Inter-Schools Junior Band Concert;
  • Clarendon Park Inter-Schools Senior Band Concert;
  • The Clarendon Park Jazz Band Spectacular;
  • Our traditional music concert featuring all of our bands and ensembles;
  • Various Eisteddfods and High School Music Evenings;
  • An annual Clarendon Park family concert;
  • Performances at various Old Age Homes and schools;
  • Awards Ceremonies.

“We get so many opportunities to become anything that we want to be”