Our academic vision is to educate the whole child and to provide a quality and meaningful education to each pupil through a supportive environment and to remain sensitive to the needs and capabilities of each pupil i.e. bearing in mind that each child is unique.  

We aim to provide a rich variety of learning experiences that will develop a child who is happy, well-adjusted, confident, has a healthy self-esteem and a sense of belonging; and to create experiences for this to take place in a caring and secure environment. 

Learning programmes therefore ensure that the child is academically, emotionally, socially, physically, culturally and spiritually stimulated and that every opportunity is provided for the child to reach their potential. Technology, Visual Art, Music, Computers – Information and Communication Technology and Physical Education are taught by specialist staff.




Foundation Phase :


Literacy:  English – Language of learning and instruction i.e. LOLT

                Afrikaans – 1st Additional Language




Lifeskills – healthy living, safety, social, personal and physical development

                  Physical Education – movement, games, swimming

                  Art and Technology is integrated within all Learning Areas


Intermediate :  Gr 4 – 6


Languages – English First Language

                    Afrikaans First Additional Language


Natural Science and Technology

Social Sciences – Geography and History

Cultural Arts - Art and Music

Life Skills – Healthy living, Social and Personal Development,

                              Physical Education :  Physical development and movement

                                      games, dance, swimming, athletics, gymnastics    


Senior Phase: Gr 7    

Languages - English First Language

                   Afrikaans First Additional Language


Natural Science

Social Sciences  -  History and Geography

Economic and Management Science


Cultural Arts - Music and Art

Life Skills -  Social and Personal development and Physical Education 


M*A*D  Initiative - We launched and implemented our M*A*D (Making a Difference) Campaign – see separate file for more information


We follow an integrated system of learning using a balanced Outcomes-Based Education approach to teaching and ensure that our educators use this methodology of teaching together with the National Curriculum Statements in order to teach  knowledge, skills, positive attitudes, norms and values.  Values and attitudes are a necessary life skill and courtesy, responsibility, caring and respect is instilled in our children from Gr. 1.

Skills taught are applied to real-life situations such as Cultural Days, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurial Projects such as Market Days and the Grade 7 Business Week, School Productions and Plays, Dance etc.. Our pupils participate and fair exceptionally well in extra-curricular competitions such as the national Conquesta Olympiad – English and the Amesa Olympiad – Mathematics. An exciting Outdoor Education programme complements the academic programmes in each grade.

Life Orientation includes a comprehensive HIV/ AIDS Instruction Programme which contains age-related information with the focus on information awareness, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and equipping children with skills in order to make informed choices and to prepare our pupils for life in a changing society. 

This year we will continue to develop and implement a programme we refer to as :  We are Stronger Together … which we trust will improve the pupil’s self-image, their ability to respond to change, showing respect for others, styles of conflict resolution and anti-bullying strategies in order to create a peaceful, safe learning environment for all.  

Both formal and informal assessment is done continuously throughout the year and reporting to parents is done quarterly.  Academic achievement is assessed each semester and outstanding achievement is recognized through a Gold and Silver Badge Award System which starts in Gr. 4 through to Gr. 7.  Academic excellence is rewarded when Gr. 6 and/or Gr.  7 pupils qualify after earning their gold academic badge 3 consecutive times. This is in the form of an academic pocket which replaces the school blazer pocket and the names of these pupils are then placed on an Honours Board.  

Our teaching commitment is to make a difference in each child’s life and to encourage and motivate our children to give of their best and to be their best.