1. Courtesy and respect is to be displayed at all times.
  2. Pupils stand when a staff member or an adult enters a classroom.
  3. Pupils may not enter the corridors or classrooms before school, at break times or after 14:30, if unattended or without permission, unless they are using the ablution facilities or it is raining.
  4. All pupils must leave the campus by 14:20 unless they are involved in extra-mural activities.
  5. Pupils who have not been collected by 14:20 after school (Fri 13:20), need to move from their normal pick-up point to the waiting area outside the Scott Hall for collection.  
  6. Punctuality is essential.  Being late for school is not allowed unless a letter / note in the diary is produced.
  7. Absenteeism from school or sport / sport academy requires a note from the parent.  This must be recorded in the school diary on the absenteeism page for Gr. 3 – 7 and on a note or the absenteeism page for Gr. 1 and 2 pupils (who do not take their school diaries home on a Friday).
  8. Pupils must go to the toilet at break time.  They may however leave the classroom at the teacher’s discretion.
  9. No pupil is allowed outside the school grounds (once they have arrived at school) without the staff’s permission.  Entry on foot into the school campus must be through pedestrian gates only, NOT staff motor-gates, for safety reasons.
  10. Climbing of trees, over fences or gates surrounding the school, is not permitted.
  11. No pupil is permitted in the swimming pool area, unless they are under the supervision of a teacher / coach.
  12. Gr. 7 Service Monitors are placed in a position of service or authority, i.e. Pupil Monitors, Environmental Monitors, etc. and should be respected at all times.
  13. No running is allowed and good discipline is essential in the corridors at all times.  Classes to quietly proceed along the corridors in alphabetical order, single file and on the left-hand side.  Pupils stand aside, to greet an adult, when not in a class group.
  14. RAINY DAY – pupils remain in their home-base classrooms and may not run about or play ball games.
  15. Books, completed homework assignments and stationery must be brought to school on a daily basis.
  16. Litter and recycling bins are to be used in the classroom and on the playground.
  17. Bicycles may not be ridden in the school grounds.  No skateboards, roller-blades or other similar items may be used on the campus.
  18. Grades must play in their demarcated areas.  Seniors may not venture into the Grade  1 - 4 playground areas.
  19. I-Pods, MP3 players or any other similar electronic devices are not permitted at school.
  20. Exchange, swopping, or sale of any form of collectors’ cards / items are not permitted at school.
  21. Cellphones may not be brought onto the school campus or to any school related activity and will be confiscated for a period of four weeks.  The safety of pupils is our highest priority as it must be common knowledge to all concerned that our pupils do not carry cellphones.
  22. No chewing gum is allowed at school.
  23. Cheating during any school related activity will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in a serious light.
  24. Nothing may be purchased from outside vendors or the public, without permission from the school.
  25. School property is to be respected.
  26. Any money brought and payable to the school, must be brought in a clearly marked envelope.  Tuck shop money must be placed in a wallet / purse.
  27. Borrowing without permission will be regarded as theft and tampering with the belongings of others is punishable.  Pupils should at all times respect the possessions of others.
  28. Pupils must have their own stationery and there should be no borrowing.  No tippex, highlighters and koki pens may be used – unless under the guidance or at the request of an educator.
  29. Attendance at extra-murals is compulsory for those participating, unless a valid excuse is offered by means of a written note prior to the practice / rehersal.
  30. It is expected that every pupil participates in at least one extra-mural activity per season.  School commitments take precedence over non-school activities.
  31. It is essential that the pupils’school diaries are brought to school on a daily basis. Diaries to accompany pupils to all specialist teacher’s classrooms and must be signed daily by the parent or guardian. Homework should be completed responsibly.
  32. School correspondence (letters or diary-slips) must be taken home and acknowledged and if applicable, the completed reply slip must be returned to the school within 2 days.
  33. School bags must be brown, green or black.  Tog bags used, must be regulation school tog bags.
  34. All pupils’ belongings must be clearly marked with their name.
  35. The wearing of regulation school uniform must be worn. Jerseys may not be worn out of school and at morning lines, without a school blazer.
  36. A full school tracksuit, Phys. Ed shorts and top may be worn on school outings and tours, unless otherwise specified.  Tracksuit pants may not be worn without the top.Correct sportswear should be worn.  Track shoes and tackies should be predominantly white.  Only plain white socks are to be worn.  No secret or branded socks are allowed. Pupils should be correctly dressed after sport.After sport, track shoes must be worn in public with exception to water polo and swimming, where white or black slops are allowed.


Hair must be neat and clean. It must be short, neatly cut with no steps / lines. No styled cuts allowed. It must not touch the collar. Fringes must be neat and above the eye brows at all times. No gel or hairspray allowed. No dyeing of hair allowed – immediate detention will follow dyeing.
Parents may be requested to fetch their children from school in order to have the hair suitably cut.


Hair must be neat and clean. Hair touching the collar must be tied back at all times. Fringes must be neat and out of the eyes. Only naturally textured and coloured extensions are allowed. Only plain brown alicebands, ribbons and hairbands allowed. Buns and single ponytails must be at the back of the head. No gel or hairspray allowed.  No dyeing of hair allowed – immediate detention will follow dyeing.

38. a. No jewellery or makeup of any kind may be worn.
     b. Studs or earrings are not permitted.  Ear piercing should only be done early during the long holidays, giving enough time for healing.
     c. Pupils wear suitable watches at their own risk and these should not distract from the uniform. Brightly coloured watches are not allowed.
39. Religious bracelets or items may only be worn, if they are approved by the Principal.


  1. bad language and swearing
  2. bunking classes or school
  3. interfering with or taking other people’s possessions
  4. harassment of any nature
  5. cheekiness, back chatting and poor attitude
  6. disruptive and bad behavior
  7. smoking, drugs, alcohol
  8. continuous talking and disregard of classroom rules
  9. continuous talking and noisy behaviour at lines
  10. continuous talking and poor behaviour during assembly
  11. aggressive behaviour, rough play and dangerous games
  12. dangerous practices such as stone throwing, playing with sharp instruments
  13. using sharp instruments, pins, needles, etc., to scratch, pierce or harm others
  14. showing disrespect and poor manners
  15. fighting and / or bullying of any nature
  16. the spreading of malicious, hurtful rumours
  17. offensive behaviour
  18. poor sportsmanship
  19. vandalism of school (walls, doors, desks) and other property
  20. (guilty pupils will be personally responsible for cleaning the surfaces)
  21. inappropriate behaviour at school function, Derby Days and on outings
  22. dangerous weapons and sharp instruments may not be brought to school
  23. improper conduct – pupils are encouraged to preserve the good name of our school in their conduct in public places, particularly when wearing their school colours
  24. behaviour that endangers safety of others
  25. violation of the rights of others

The Governing Body and School Management Team reserve the right to discipline a pupil depending on the severity of the misdemeanor even if the transgression is not listed under the school rules or serious misdemeanors.