Outdoor Education at CPPS





Outdoor Education plays a very important part of this school’s activities and is strongly encouraged across all the grades. Besides the GREAT fun that is normally had on these occasions, important life lessons are also learnt. It is the replacement of one classroom for another.


Every grade has some degree and varying length of this fun activity. The whole Grade 7 group has over the last number of years made use of Hobbiton-on Hogsback. They go on a four day experience. All the grade 6 classes have also made use, for a number of years, of African Imprint, which is situated near Kirkwood. They go on a three day adventure. The grade 5 classes go in smaller groups to various Outdoor centres. Various day trips are undertaken by  grades one to four.


A group of parents is normally involved in the feeding of the children and their menus are always well received by the hungry adventurers!


Excitement starts to mount from the planning and preparation to the eventual packing for the trip and then the bus trip to the venue. A few of  the activities range from water activities,  bush skills to interaction with nature. Without fail, the stories that are brought back to school and home are almost all ones of an enjoyable experience.


 IMG 0048IMG 4128


Hopefully this important part of our school calendar emphasises the all- round educational approach, which we at Clarendon Park desire to create.