M*A*D is the Heartbeat of Clarendon Park Primary School

M*A*D is an acronym for “Making A Difference

It focuses on the pastoral aspect of oneself, others in our family, others at school and others in the community. Here, all who make up Clarendon Park, the teachers, pupils and parents, are involved in various activities where they can make a difference, making this school, and ultimately this world, a better place for all.

“I may only be one person, but I can be one person who Makes A Difference”

Making A Difference in the Classroom

At Clarendon Park the pupils are made aware of values and norms that define characteristics of how every person at Clarendon Park can Make A Difference, whether at home, at school and or in the community. These characteristics in action influence an attitude which is guided, nurtured, and channelled so that pupils become the peacemakers. This is consolidated by the class teacher by encouraging respect for all, by doing acts of kindness and by learning to become problem-solvers. Pupils make a ‘promise’ and then wear their MAD badge which reminds them of their pledge to Make A Difference. This starts in Grade 1 and is nurtured through to Grade 7 in Life Skills. This is further solidified when the whole school sings the M*A*D song together as they are reminded of what it means to be M*A*D.

This can only be achieved by dedicated, passionate teachers who go the extra mile to Make A Difference.

Making A Difference in Extra-mural Activities

Clarendon Park pupils participate in various tournaments, matches and competitions, both locally and on national level. Healthy competition is strived for, but greater sportsmanship etiquette, shown both on and off the field, is by far the winner.

“Clarries Cares” Community Projects for Grade 6 and 7 Pupils

Clarries Cares involves visiting the residents at various old age homes, children’s homes and babies’ havens, painting walls at schools, walking the dogs at Animal Welfare, helping at water points at various road races, making cards, and collecting items for those who are less fortunate than themselves. This reminds our pupils that they too can make a difference in the school and in the community through small acts of love and kindness.

“Nothing teaches hope, kindness, courage and compassion like helping others.”

Throughout the year the whole school is Making A Difference in various ways:

Loaves and Fishes

Every Wednesday coins are collected and donated to various local charities. We also use this platform to collect donations for various charities and organisations, maintaining a balance between supporting social, environmental and health projects.

Love Sandwiches

Every Thursday children bring a sandwich to school which they have made. These are distributed to local schools, crèches and clinics, filling more than just a tummy but a heart too.

Love Boxes

A collection of vital basic foodstuffs and toiletries is done twice a year, making up our Love Boxes. These are distributed to families in need within our school community – charity starts at home.

Blood Drive

Each year Clarendon Park partners with SANBS and hosts Blood Drives at the school, encouraging donors to regularly donate blood, thereby saving many lives.

Within each Grade

Pupils are constantly reminded that Making A Difference is nurtured by giving rather than receiving. They are actively involved in various activities which include Chores for Charity, Wormathons, Popcorn Parades, Proudly South African Cupcake Days, Market Days or Business Week. Here pupils give of their effort and time and donate their earnings towards a worthy cause which they have chosen. That is how we Make A Difference.

Parents Care

Besides being actively involved in their children’s lives, groups of parents are seen on the campus meeting up for various reasons. Our “Moms who pray” group meets weekly and prays for the school and each child and teacher in the school. Parents are also involved in the Hope for Kids programme with the Grade 3’s. Many parents join our vibrant PTA and are involved in many facets of school life (helping in the tuckshop and library, covering books, beautifying our gardens, catering at various functions, supporting our blood drives and 100 Club).

Coffee Break Evenings

These meetings provide a platform for professional speakers to share information , to upskill parents and provide support in their role as parents.

By fostering an ethos of Making A Difference, all of those within the Clarries family are empowered to get up, go out there and not only do but also BE the Difference.

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to Make a Difference” -   Nelson Mandela