In 1939 a second primary school was established in the Walmer area with the name Walmer Preparatory School.  As no school buildings were available the school made use of St John’s Church Hall in 8th Avenue, Walmer.  Miss Spearman was appointed as the first principal to be assisted by two teachers to educate the 29 pupils enrolled at the school.  For the next 9 years Walmer Preparatory School would operate out of this Church Hall and offer enrolment to pupils from Sub A (Grade 1) to Standard 1 (Grade 3).


As pupil numbers had grown to over 150, it became necessary for the Cape Education Department to build a new school. The site of Clarendon Park was secured for this building which was officially opened by Mrs Edith Bulbring on 19th March 1948.


A name change was now necessary as the school would offer enrolment from Sub A (Grade 1) to Standard 5 (Grade 7) and, therefore, could no longer be called a Preparatory school.  Also, Walmer Primary School already existed in 4th Avenue, Walmer (now Settlers Park Primary).  It was decided to name the school after the original title deeds of the land, namely Clarendon Park.


1948 heralded a new beginning under the new principal, Mrs Jordan.  It was now named Clarendon Park Primary School.  Enrolment would continue to grow over the years.  The facilities have also received much attention and today Clarendon Park boasts a modern, up to date campus which caters for the 990 pupils presently enrolled at the school, who are educated by 50 academic staff, assisted by 35 Administrative and Estate Staff.


Progressive in its approach to education,Clarendon Park Primary School remains unchanged in certain areas.  The uniform and Clarendon Park School badge, the motto, Honour and Truth and our school song, steeped in tradition, remain unchanged since its beginnings.


Clarendon Park Primary School is presently in its 73rd year of offering a quality education to its pupils and enjoys a reputation as a leading school in the Port Elizabeth area.