At the start of their grade 4 year, all Clarries pupils are tested for musicality.  The test run, works on the premise that those taking the test have no knowledge or previous training in music.  Those who pass this test are given the opportunity to take music through the school at a nominal annual fee. 


We offer tuition in piano, acoustic guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and drum kit.   Whilst those taking lessons in woodwind and brass instruments are able to hire instruments, those wishing to take lessons in piano, guitar and drums are required to have the respective instrument at home.  Learners receive two lessons a week, which are set according to a rotating time-table and they therefore do not miss the same academic lessons each week.  Most of these lessons are taken as part of a small group of learners all playing the same instruments.




Those who opt to take lessons in the woodwind and brass instruments and the drum kit are used in the two school bands.  The first is the beginner band, comprising mostly grade 4 and 5 learners.  Here pupils learn the basics of ensemble playing with an emphasis on holding a harmony, playing in time and developing dynamic contrasts in their playing.


After a year in the beginner band, they join the senior band where they have the opportunity of playing at such varied events as Art-in-the-Park, church services, school functions, fundraisers etc.  The emphasis in the senior band is on entertainment value and a greater empathy and knowledge of ensemble playing.


Every third year the senior band undertakes a tour – definitely the highlight for any aspiring musicians!  

A jazz band is the newest edition fo our music department.  It caters for a smaller group and involves the more senior musicians in the school.




Clarries also boasts two choirs.  The first of these is the junior choir which is for grade 2, 3 and 4 pupils and which practices on Thursdays during the admin period.  The second choir is the senior choir which is for pupils from grade 5 to grade 7 and which practices on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons.  Both choirs perform at choir evenings, festivals and awards day.  In addition, the senior choir undertakes a tour every third year.  

During the year that the choir or band do not tour, the school puts on a musical production. 



Drama at Clarendon Park plays an integral part in the development of the whole child. Two highly qualified and professional drama teachers offer drama classes to pupils from Gr 1 to Gr 7 at various times after normal school hours. Although drama is by private arrangement, these teachers can be contacted via the school.

Clarendon Park has a policy of doing a production every 3 years. These productions which are normally held in the Scott Hall, are very popular events and sold-out shows are common place. The building of the Jubilee Gallery and the acquisition of professional lighting and sound equipment, have contributed to these highly successful productions.